What is the Best Wine for Thanksgiving Dinner?

What is the Best Wine for Thanksgiving Dinner? I am frequently asked “what is my favorite wine for Thanksgiving?”

What is the Best Wine for Thanksgiving Dinner?

I am frequently asked “what is my favorite wine for Thanksgiving?”  To properly respond I need to know what is for dinner. At Beechwood Inn each year we lay a cozy fire on the hearth, then we invite guests to sit back and loosen their belt as we serve a Traditional Southern Style Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings (sorry, it’s cancelled for 2020).

But choosing a single wine for Thanksgiving is a bit tricky, given the great variety of foods and flavors. And Thanksgiving is one of the few meals at Beechwood Inn that is served family-style, so all the food and flavors are likely to all end-up on your dinner plate at one time.

At Thanksgiving there is always local sugar cured ham, brined and roasted fresh organic turkey with Madeira turkey gravy and sage sausage apple dressing.  We have candied sweet potatoes with Jack Daniels sauce, our signature gingered jalapeño cranberry relish and of course creamy buttermilk mashed potatoes, and much more so we have lots of unique flavors to contend with.

The most important consideration with a menu filled with so many flavors is to select a wine that will not overpower the food flavors but that will still permit the wine to show-case itself as a compliment to the food. Drum roll please – and the perfect choice is a dry but robust rosé.  I am not talking about a pale rosé, I choose a nice ruby rose with plenty of tart acidity,  some fruity flavors of strawberry and cherry, maybe a little tannin and an enormous bouquet of fresh strawberries and citrus. Here are a few we recommend to compliment your perfect Thanksgiving Dinner:

2018 Elicio Rosé, Cotes du Rhone, France,

2019 Za Za Rosé, Aragon, Spain,

2019 Carlin de Paolo, il Giullare, Monferrato Chiaretto Rosato,

2019 Dinastia Vivanco, Rosé, Rioja, Spain,

2019 Le Cirque Rosé, Cotes du Rhone, and

2019 Stonewall Creek Yukari Rosé (Rabun County, Georgia).

If I am permitted to add a second wine to our Thanksgiving menu then I might start out with a crisp sparkling wine. If I am on a budget it would be a Brut (dry) Cava from Spain, or perhaps a Cremant from Burgundy. And if you look at Beechwood Inn’s menu for last year’s feast you will see Calixte Sparkling Rosé from Alsace, France. Hey, Thanksgiving is a celebration and what better way to start than with sparkling wine.

And to finish out the evening about 9:00 pm, after all our Beechwood Inn guests have retired to their cozy rooms, Gayle and I might eat that last piece of her famous Utterly Deadly Southern Chocolate Pecan Pie with a glass of 20 year old Tawny Port. Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving – just remember to avoid crowds so stay home.

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