Road Trip: 11 Oddest Things to do in North Georgia

Road Trip: 11 Oddest Things to do in North Georgia – 


Road Trip: 11 Oddest Things to do in North Georgia

Tired of the same old thrift shops, flea markets and home decor shops? Want some new experiences that will make a lasting memory? Would you like to drive a military tank and run over something in your path or shoot and automatic machine gun? Want to meet “Big Foot? Well we have scoured our area to come up with some things to stimulate your curiosity and feed your inner child. So hop in your jalopy and get on up to our corner of north Georgia.

Tank Town USATank Town USA, Morganton, GA : Drive a Tank and Crush a car! Get your heart pumping with 25 minutes of excitement in their tank driving course and finish by smashing a car! Yes, flatten a car with 17 tons of military steel. You can also add firing a machine gun to your adventure. How about digging a hole with a 40,000 pound construction excavator? Once you get the hang of it this machine is a blast to operate.  

Elvis Museum Cornelia GeorgiaLoudermilk Boarding House and Everything Elvis Museum: Built in 1908 and listed on The National Register of Historic Places, the Museum features Joni Mabe’s Panoramic Encyclopedia of Everything Elvis. See the legendary Elvis’ wart and the “Maybe Elvis Toenail.” The museum, which is listed in Guinness’ World Book of Records, contains more than 30,000 Elvis items — the largest collection in the world and the most unique. The museum has an Elvis gift shop, and the Big E Festival is held the first Saturday in August in nearby Clayton, GA.

Georgia GuidestonesGeorgia Guidestones – Nuberg, GA: The Georgia Guidestones are a Stonehenge replica of sorts, but also a time capsule, and a Rosetta Stone to mutant societies of the far-flung future. An “American Stonehenge” of the South, the Guidestones are cryptic by design, and of particular interest to mystery fans and conspiracy theorists. For now, the Georgia Guidestones satisfy oddity tourists more than world-culling cultists. We like to think of the stones as a message from the Future.

Big Foot Georgia MuseumExpedition Big Foot – Cherry Log, GA (Sasquatch Museum): Bigfoot is everywhere. (He’s even coming to Clayton GA. the end of April ,That’s the message you receive when you visit Expedition Bigfoot. Despite Bigfoot’s legendary elusiveness, Expedition Bigfoot is filled with artifacts and displays, and its professional polish shows respect for America’s favorite monster. Listening stations allow visitors to hear Bigfoot grunts and howls. Video monitors play interviews with eyewitnesses. Expedition Bigfoot is not a pop culture or academic museum; it’s an investigator museum. It even sells Bigfoot footprint casting kits in its gift shop, assembled by David himself.

Old Car CityOld Car City USA, White Georgia: Old Car City contains the world’s largest known classic car junkyard. Visitors enjoy the beautiful vegetation of the deep-south that is intertwined with the hundreds of cars that reside in Old Car City. It started as a small general store in 1931 and is still family owned and operated. Come enjoy the Old South environment, folk art, ghosts of beautiful classic cars, and much more. 34 acres and over 4000 American-made cars from the early 20th Century, these cars, trucks, and school buses are placed in such a way as to be ideally suited for photos, videos and custom camera shoots. Over the 8 decades since first started, thousands of photographers, videographers, ad agencies and media companies have visited Old Car City USA.

Axe Throwing at the Admiral, Clayton GA: The newest sports craze gaining popularity in the U.S. is axe throwing, and our friends at Wander North Georgia are creating Northeast Georgia’s first axe throwing venue right here in Downtown Clayton. Much like the game of darts, only with axes, participants take aim at a bullseye wooden target 21 feet away. Points are earned based on the location and position of the axe on the target. So why should the average Joe or Jane (nearly half of axe throwing enthusiasts are female) become interested in wielding an axe for entertainment? It’s fun, easy, makes for a great date night and relieves stress by releasing adrenaline and endorphins. Yes, cathartic to the molecular level. Virtually anyone can learn how to properly throw an axe and despite the concerns over potentially dangerous sharp axe blades flying through the air, venue operators say it’s very safe. So bring a strong arm to Admiral Axe.

Humongous Apple – Cornelia: Visit a monument to the Big Red Apple which stands on the railway station grounds in Cornelia. The replica of the north Georgia apple is 7 feet in height and 22 feet in circumference, weighs 5,200 pounds and is painted in natural colors. The apple is constructed of steel and concrete and was molded in Winchester, Virginia, in 1925. It is erected on a concrete pedestal 8 feet in height and 6 feet square at the base. The monument was donated by Southern Railway, and for many years a festival was held in celebration of the apples grown in the area. Cornelia has since been advertised as “the home of the Big Red Apple.”

Cat Museum SylvaCat Museum at the Old School House – Sylva, NC (Just a short 30 minute drive into North Carolina): The American Museum of the House Cat is now open, where you can see Dr. Harold Sims’s 30+ year collection of all things relating to the House Cat. The collection includes: Fine “picture art” going back to the late 1800’s, modern art, folk art, rare advertising art, cat poster art, art glass cats made by the finest glass makers of the world, vintage and antique toy cats, many of which are automations from the 1890’s, vintage advertising, where cats are used to sell items, advertising clocks and storefront or window display items, etc.  There is not another private collection of this magnitude and value in America.

BabylandBabyLand General Hospital – Cleveland, GA: If you’re a student of early 1980s culture, you know the Cabbage Patch Kids: fat-faced, open-armed, darlings of a doll-smitten America. They still mesmerize a legion of loyal fans and collectors, now reaching its third generation. For them, a visit to BabyLand General Hospital isn’t an option; it’s a sacred pilgrimage. There’s a nursery filled with “Preemies” in incubators and “Lullaby Babies” in cribs, with piped-in sounds of cooing infants. To an outsider, it’s other-worldly and a little surreal. But give the Cabbage Patch credit BabyLand invites everyone in, and you can take as many pictures as you want.

Goats on the Roof

Goats on the Roof – Tiger, GA: Yes, goats are all over the roof of this roadside tourist mecca! When you come to Goats on the Roof you will be smiling from ear to ear.  There is lots to do while you are visiting the Goats.  You can feed goats and even cuddle a goat. They also carry Amish foods, Amish Furniture, unique gifts, T-Shirts, homemade fudge, best nitro homemade ice cream, gem mining and rock crushers!!  Their gem mining is all new.  You will have a blast sifting for your gems then identifying what stones you have found and where in the country they are originally found.

1958 Thunderbird - Miles Through Time

Miles Through Time – Toccoa, GA: Miles Through Time brings you a stunning, ever-changing collection of automobiles, memorabilia, signage, and art. Miles Through Time is a co-op style “living” automotive museum in Toccoa, GA. Displays are privately owned by the museum co-owners and curator and by people in the community showcasing their beloved automobiles and memorabilia for everyone to enjoy.  Automobiles are on display, stored by their owners or are on consignment or for sale by owner. They renovated a 1939 dealership and have over 100 years of automotive history on display and they want to showcase YOUR prized automobile. Miles Through Time also has vehicles for sale, consignment and for-sale-by-owner. They will list your car for sale on the museum floor and online.



Road Trip: 11 Oddest Things to do in North Georgia – And after a long day visiting these wonderful “Oddity” locations come relax with a glass of wine and enjoy a cozy room and maybe a fine dinner at Beechwood Inn – Georgia’s Premier Wine Country Inn. And the restaurant is named one of the “10 Best farm to Table restaurants in Georgia.” Pick out a room. Check out the upcoming dinner menus.

By David Darugh