Picpoul de Pinet North Georgia

Picpoul de Pinet North Georgia – Beechwood Inn

Picpoul de Pinet North Georgia – Beechwood Inn Bed and Breakfast

New Vintage of one of our favorites at Beechwood Inn: 2020 Les Costières de Pomerols Picpoul de Pinet, from Languedoc-Roussillon’s Picpoul region of France. David, our sommelier, loves to find $10 wines that taste like $20 wines, or $20 wines that taste like $40 bottles of wine. So here is a real bargain.

Picpoul’s name literally translates to ‘lip stinger’, because of its zingy acidity. This is often complemented by citrus and green fruit flavors, with aromas of blossom. Often it is described as piney and a little salty. For thousands of years this area was covered in pine trees, removed to make room for wine grapes. Also, the proximity to the Mediterranean permits salty breezes to deposit a little salty flavor. More complex examples can display mineral or yeasty notes, too.

Picpoul de Pinet North Georgia

It has grown by Étang de Thau, a string of lagoons stretching from the Rhone River to the Pyrénées, for centuries, but it’s only fairly recently that Picpoul de Pinet has gained widespread appreciation as a dry white wine, and it only became an appellation in 2013.

Picpoul de Pinet wines are often paired with local seafood like mussels and oysters, as its zesty acidity makes it a prime partner for seafood. A more contemporary pairing seen around restaurants this summer is Picpoul with fish and chips. Its high acidity can also cut through rich foods like cheese and charcuterie, or even desserts, making it a versatile wine for picnics.

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Wine Director: David Darugh
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