Pickled Green Strawberries Recipe

Pickled Green Strawberries

In April, most seasonal restaurants tend toward green foods. As the weather shifts, and new crops come to life, plates are decorated with tender young peas, asparagus, green garlic, and spring onions. And now, the green strawberry is joining the ranks. Fermenting green strawberries can be done, despite the berry’s high acidity. They go well with a creamy mild cheese (think brie or camembert), sliced on a sandwich, sprinkled into a salad, or simply stirred into some yogurt or porridge!

For the pickling:

1 part rice wine vinegar
1 part sugar
½ part water
¼ part lime juice

For the flavoring:

Orange rind


Dissolve the sugar into the vinegar with water. Cool completely. Combine strawberries, flavorings, and brine in a mason jar. Refrigerate for 2+ days. Get creative with flavorings. Have a pickle party and pair with cheese!

Pickled Green Strawberries Recipe by Beechwood Inn Chefs David and Gayle Darugh, Beechwood Inn Bed and Breakfast