Eco Commitment and Foods:

Traveling can be a challenge for those trying to lead an eco-friendly lifestyle. From room deodorizers to non-organic breakfasts and sheets that reek of bleach, the typical overnight stay can seem so toxic you’d almost rather stay home. We  are committed to providing a great visit while also offering eco-friendly practices into our operations.

Our Environmental Commitment:

It is our mission to be the best bed and breakfast in Georgia. We will provide the highest level of hospitality and guest experience while preserving and promoting the unique historical and environmentally sensitive nature of our property and the area; we are committed to sustainability in all practices.

At the Beechwood Inn, we have attempted to use this philosophy in our analysis of the many long and short term decisions we make regarding the way we do business. Our goal is to minimize our use of natural resources while still providing a magnificent guest experience. The Inn is user-friendly, and we welcome guest suggestions and contributions on how to reduce the inn’s impact on our environment.

Trip Advisor Gold Level Green Leader – Beechwood Inn

GreenLeadersn Gold

The TripAdvisor GreenLeaders program was developed in partnership with the U.S. E.P.A’s ENERGY STAR® program, the U.S. Green Building Council, and the United Nations Environment Programme. For more information, please visit TripAdvisor GreenLeaders have met a set of environmental standards developed for TripAdvisor by a leading environmental consulting firm, with input from expert partners. The more green practices a hotel has in place, the higher its GreenLeader level. Read about our detailed TripAdvisor GreenLeader Audit of Beechwood Inn

Eco Commitment and Foods:

At Beechwood Inn we have an appreciation for our history, the region and traditional foodways. Food is needed by everyone, everywhere, every day. We believe that making shopping decisions that favor sustainable and local food sources, especially organic sources, benefits health, improves the local economy and is ecologically sound.  We are proud of our local farmers and ranchers; their names dot our menus paying homage to those who have done the work to get such delicious ingredients through the kitchen door. Once through that door, respect and care for the ingredients play as important a role as the preparation of them. The goal of our chefs is to make as much of what is used from scratch as possible – we think that is what makes cuisine authentic. We trust you will appreciate our care and devotion to freshness.

Here are some of our programs:

  • 2 Level 2 Commercial Electric Vehicle Charging Station (free charge for lodging or dining guests)
  • Extensive recycling program with guest recycling center on our porch for glass, plastic, aluminum, newspaper, cardboard
  • We use Mrs. Myers Clean Day cleaning products (non-toxic, natural ingredients, biodegradeable, cruelty free) and recycled materials wherever appropriate
  • Use of organic cotton linens & bamboo towels
  • Use of organic and/or locally grown food as much as possible. Most of our dinner entree meats are natural (organic, no hormones, no antibiotics, no feed lots). We use many local and organic farms for fruits, vegetables, and cheeses; we use local farmer Bill Lisenby’s free range chickens for eggs.
  • Energy efficient appliances (all Energy Star Rated), lighting is mostly LED and other technology
  • Landscaping using both historic and native plantings
  • Composting of garden waste
  • We avoid the use of pesticides, herbicide or commercial fertilizers on our gardens
  • Low water use washer
  • Guest Rooms: Low-flow showerhead (1.5 to 2.0 gpm); LED lighting where appropriate; Amenities – 100% natural, biodegradable, vegetable-oil base, dye-free, natural scents; hot water – 120 F; Linens changed between guests or on request only (towels on floor or in tub); 100% organic cotton linens; Extra blankets – room can be kept colder on winter nights if guests prefer; Glass water glasses no paper covers; Ceiling fans, No Styrofoam usage; Newly purchased furnishings of non-tropical hardwoods.

Certified Wildlife Habitat

Our gardens support a variety of wildlife and so you will not find it all manicured but hopefully a combination of mature trees, wild areas as well as  flowerbeds and shrubs all part of our eco-system, helping to attract insects, butterflies, birds and mammals.

Beechwood Inn’s habitat is certified in National Wildlife Federation’s World-wide network of mini refuges. Because of our conscientious planning, landscaping and sustainable gardening, wildlife may find quality habitat–food, water, cover and places to raise their young.

Designated Bird Sanctuary

Beechwood Inn’s owners have designated the 8 acres of Beechwood Inn property as a bird sanctuary.  It is not permitted for any person to trap, hunt, shoot or attempt to molest in any manner any bird or wild fowl, or to rob or destroy the nests of any such birds or wild fowl within the property borders unless determined they constitute a menace to health by competent authority.

How You Can Help

Bedding and towels are changed only at your request. Please turn out lights, turn off appliances and gas fireplaces when you leave rooms. The hall and stair lights are left on as a safety precaution and many of our outside lights are solar powered. We will make sure that the standby on appliances are switched off (it is estimated that the equivalent of 2 power stations would be saved if everyone did just that). Please recycle aluminum, paper, glass bottles, cardboard and plastic bottles on our porch in our re-cycling center.