Beechwood Inn Logo Coffee Mugs

Beechwood Inn Logo Coffee Mugs: Our Mugs are American made by a family operation – Deneen Pottery. Over 24 pairs of hands will touch each mug during its production until it is ready to be shipped (It’s okay, we’ve washed them). While each piece is uniform in size and shape, every one is created by hand, making it unique. A custom hand thrown mug by Deneen Pottery truly makes a statement of American made quality and craftsmanship. Deneen Pottery is lead free and cadmium free, microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe and they are very very durable.

Beechwood Inn Logo Coffee Mugs

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“What an exciting time for our company to be creating handmade stoneware mugs in the USA. We’re proud to carry forward a long tradition of hand-thrown stoneware designs that meet your personal or business needs. While every piece shares the same level of quality, each one is also individually created by hand so that no two are exactly alike. Over 24 pairs of hands touch each mug through our production process and everything that we ship is food safe as well as lead and cadmium free. Even our unique clay body, invented by Peter Deneen from materials mined in OH, IN and KY, is combined in St. Paul, MN. We also high-fire to 2165º F (cone 6) which means unparalleled durability.We are so proud of our work that we stamp our family name on the bottom of every piece we make!” – Deneen Pottery


$18.00 each or $34.00 a pair plus shipping.

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